Trump’s Facebook account is suspended indefinitely

After limiting functions on his account for 24 hours, Facebook has suspended President Trump’s account till further notice. In a statement released on Thursday, they gave various reasons for their actions.

Trump’s account remain blocked till after the inauguration

It was reported on Wednesday that President Trump’s account was suspended for 12 hours due to the capital invasion debacle and how Trump reacted. However, on Thursday morning, the management of the social media platform has decided to extend the suspension till after the affairs inauguration.


In a statement which reads:


“ The sorry events of the past days have shown clearly that President Trump wants to use the little time, he has at the office to undermine a positive and positive transition to the president-elect, Joe Biden. This decision by the president to use our platform to promote lawlessness and not to condemn this act by these mobs has been a great concern to us in the country.


We have deleted some inappropriate statements made by the president because we feel it is provocative. The ratification by the congress of the Electoral votes had put to bed any discontent. The main aim of the nation now is how the next 2 weeks before the transition will be peaceful“ 

Twitter unblocks Trump’s account amidst warnings

However, Twitter has reinstated President Trump’s account after locking it for 12 hours the account which has over 89 million followers has some tweets removed on Wednesday due to policy violation.


The first comment showed a video where he condemned the chaos at the DC Capitol and promised that a new administration will be ushered on January 20. He avoids mentioning President-elect Biden and vice Kamala Harris.


He said the moment calls for sober reflection and national healing. Twitter said it won’t hesitate to suspend the account permanently if President Trump’s tweets remain inappropriate and negate their policy. The spokesperson for the white house Judd Deere has lashed out at social media decisions on Trump’s account calling it “incredibly ironic but expected” for the firm to act hypocritically.