Assessing The Social Implications Of Online Gambling In Spanish Society

The rapid expansion of the internet has given rise to phenomena that permeate various facets of societal functioning, one of which is online gambling. This activity, once confined to physical establishments, has seamlessly transitioned into the digital realm, bringing with it a host of social implications. As we delve into the Spanish society, where the cultural tapestry is rich and diverse, the impact of online gambling resonates differently within its social structure. Understanding these nuances is key to grasping the broader effects on community well-being, economic health, and legislativ... See more

US states begin to prioritize more people for the coronavirus vaccination

The pace at which the US coronavirus vaccine has been administered to its citizens has been very sluggish. This has led states-eager to move more doses—to vaccinate more than health care workers and nursing home residents initially at the front of the line. US government has failed to reach its coronavirus vaccination target About 30.7%-5.3 million out of the 17.3 million doses distributed—have been administered in the United States, a number which is lower than the target set by the Trump administration, which involved administering 20 million vaccines to Americans by the end of 2020. This ha... See more