How to recognize the use of ChatGPT?

With the craze around the use of chatGPT, it is now difficult to know if you are in the presence of an AI or not. This applies both to text production and during online conversations. However, there are a few tricks that allow recognizing the use of this artificial intelligence. A number of these detection methods are listed in the rest of this article.

Getting consistent and fast responses

One of the first indications of a conversation with chatGPT is the consistency and speed of its responses. This artificial intelligence is able to quickly process large amounts of information and generate consistent responses in record time. On this blog, you will find more tips to recognize the use of chatGPT. Unlike humans, it does not require time to think about your requests and can respond instantly to every message it is asked. If the feedback you receive seems to come in quickly and without any thought period, this may indicate the use of ChatGPT.

Using tools to detect texts produced with chatGPT

To find out if a text was written by artificial intelligence, you can also use online detection tools. Once on the platform, you just have to copy and paste your article in the indicated box. After validation, you will know whether the text was written by a human or generated by AI. In the second case, some of these detection tools highlight the passages that were written by chatGPT.   

Use of specific formulations

ChatGPT has been trained on huge amounts of data, which allows it to generate responses in specific and often similar formulations. In case you notice that your returns are similar and repeatedly, this may be an indicator of ChatGPT’s use. Humans tend to vary their expressions and add nuance to their responses. This can help you know if you are getting information from artificial intelligence. 

Limited reactions to emotions and personal references

One of the challenges for language models such as ChatGPT is the ability to understand and express emotions in an authentic way. The responses of this artificial intelligence can appear neutral or emotionless. This is for the simple reason that it has no feelings. Also, it cannot relate to real personal experiences, whereas humans can share anecdotes and personal stories to enrich a conversation or an article.

Ask for direct clues

If you have any suspicions about the use of ChatGPT, a direct way to find out is to ask questions that test the capabilities of this language model. For example, you can ask your interlocutor about the current CEO of Twitter. Since chatGPT’s knowledge is limited to data up until 2021, the AI will not be able to give you real information. Its answer will certainly be Jack Dorsey, which is no longer the case. With this request, you will then know if you are in the presence of an AI. 
To recognize the use of chatGPT, you can use online detection tools. You can also pay attention to some details such as the use of specific formulations or getting quick and generic answers without deep knowledge. On the other hand, you can ask for direct clues that will reveal the artificial or human nature of your interlocutor.

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