What you should know about the Internet .

It is very difficult to imagine a world without the ease and convenience of the Internet. Appeared in the United States in the 1970s, the Internet network continues to grow. Used at first to create an army communication network, the Internet is becoming more and more part of our daily life. With technological progress, Internet access is possible via different electronic devices: tablets, smartphones, TV, tablets, etc.

What is the Internet in general

Internet is a global system composed of a global network set "network of networks". These networks all obey the same set of rules, called the Internet Protocol (IP) which allows you to exchange with each other and to transfer data between the devices that are connected to it, instantly and completely. At the heart of most networks is a server, a fast computer with large capacities and storage spaces. This server controls the communication of information between the connected devices. Here is the blog link Internet is accessible by each individual who connects to one of his constituent networks. Indeed, you can connect to the Internet via telephone lines, cable modems, mobile phones and other mobile devices.

The benefits of the Internet

The Internet offers various online services, by providing a powerful storage and information processing capacity, among these services there are: the web a collection of web pages that are displayed via a web browser on different media, allowing users to expose and search for information, news, news Messaging Instant, Electronics or Videoconferencing Email Services are now possible in several formats: sounds, text, video image or voice message. These services make it possible to bring the distances closer, revolutionize the communication and to facilitate exchanges anywhere and at any time. Social networks