What size should I choose for my deck?

You dream of building an extraordinary deck. You've probably already thought about the decor and the various pieces of furniture you'll put in place. You have already defined the covering you want for the floor of your terrace. But there is one very important detail that you must not forget: the dimensions of your deck. What size should you choose? You will have more details on the indications that can help you in the lines to follow. 

Choose dimensions according to your needs 

It is important to know that building a deck that exceeds 20 square meters requires a building permit. So you need to consider this detail before you start. In fact, even before defining the dimensions of your deck, you must take into account the space available for this construction. And then, your deck must necessarily meet your needs. You can check my site for more information. 
If you just need a deck for meals with your small family, a 5 to 10 square meter deck should do the trick. However, if you want a deck for sharing with friends, you'll need a deck up to 15 square meters. If your deck is not only for dining, but also for relaxing, you'll need to choose a 30 square meter deck. 

Choose the ideal width

The width of your deck is a dimension to be chosen with enough care. It is the width that defines the circulation space. As soon as the tables and chairs are installed, you should have an optimal space to circulate more freely. Your terrace should be between 2.5 and 3.5 meters wide to allow you to properly install your table and chairs. Moreover, it is important to take into account all these tips detailed on the dimension so that the right choice is made and honored by everyone. In addition to that, you should nevertheless first of all privileged a plan of a dimension according to your needs before setting up the actual project.