What do you need to know about DDoS attacks?

The digital world has multiple vulnerabilities that criminals trigger to detect, develop and exploit. They may use viruses or network floods to hack into a system or other method. Lately, however,they also combine several of these methods to achieve their goals more reliably. Let’s find out more about DDoS attacks.

Definition of a DDoS attack

A DDoS attack or Distributed Denial of Service attack, is a computer attack that comes from more than one source at once. The attacker does not need sophisticated or developped materials. He only needs some resources and a few information to hack a modern and larger network. This is the reason why DDoS attacks are often called asymmetric attacks.

The attacker can exploit the vulnerabilities and limits of machines and create a flood  on the server. They have many other ways and a lot of techniques to infiltrate systems.

Recognition of a DDoS attack

When you are being attacked, you may report some difficulties in accessing a particular service you used to use. It may also be an inability to connect and access your data, your server returning intermittently “503 error, Service Unavailable”. DDoS attack will prevent connexion between two or many machines and cause an inability of the server to respond in time. This can easily be seen in social networks or online shopping or selling sites, but the impact on a company’s is not less dangerous. You can also detect a DDoS attack when a single IP address or IP range sends a great and suspicious amount of traffic.

Prevention of a DDoS attack

First step is to have a prevention plan. It must be established in advance in order to use it promptly when a DDoS attack is on. What’s best is to subscribe to Koddos DDoS protection, for it offers a high advanced technology in order to detect and prevent DDoS attacks.

You should also look for cloud-based service providers to delay and therefore prevent DDoS attacks,  and always practice the basics of network security.