What are the most attractive cities for a stay in Quintana Roo ?

Mexico is one of the most attractive countries for unforgettable tourism. It is a wonderful place with a great biological diversity, a beautiful landscape, incredibly lively cities including those in Quintana Roo. What are these cities? Why are they so captivating? We'll tell you all about it.


Cancun, a city located near the Caribbean Sea, is the ideal place for those who love water activities. Indeed, this city has a magnificent coral reef and is accessible to all visitors who have paid their Visitax Cancun. You can also discover everything about the Mayan civilisation and indulge in fishing activities.  Don't forget to travel to this city in the dry season: November to May. This will make you enjoy your stay. If you really want to relax and party then Cancún is the place to be.


This is the perfect place to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and the turquoise water. You can also witness some of the island's cultural and festive practices. It's a real little piece of paradise. The beach and water park of Playa Mia, Chankanaab National Park and many other corners of the island of Cuezumel are at your disposal for a perfect tourism.


This city in Quintana Roo is best known for its beautiful sea turtles. In fact, Akumal is known as the land of turtles. If you want to relax and swim with the beautiful aquatic species, take a trip to the yal-ku lagoon, visit the Aktun Chen Park. You will also find the world's largest natural aquarium Xel-Ha. In this region you will be offered a wide range of entertaining activities; you can also go there with your family. Wherever you go during your stay in Akumal, you are sure to have a great time and to keep beautiful memories.

Finally, Quintana also has other fascinating cities such as Cancún, Cozumel and Akumal. However, for a pleasant and carefree stay, remember to pay your tourist taxes with visitax.