What are the essential tips to follow good distributors in China?

Luxury is the most important thing in the time of development. China is now the highest turnover luxury market with huge sales of observed items. Bain and Company claim that the Chinese are expected to account for about half of the world's luxury consumption by 2025.

Follow foreign companies for great opportunities

Indeed, China is not only interested in fashion or cosmetics. You can do a little research by view it now. It is also interested in the industrial sector in all regions. A growing number of consumers in all major cities and places are becoming increasingly attached to food from the outside world. Most of the food products from foreign companies are considered as luxury products. For this very reason, most of the imported products in almost all supermarkets are Chinese items. In order to start a good relationship between you and the distributors, you should necessarily work on personal relationships.

Do not depend on Chinese distribution

It is important to note that the distribution companies are not really interested in your products, even if they have been handling your sales for years. If the brands of your products have problems with supply, logistics, the latest economic reforms, risk management, business development, resources, marketing, etc., they will immediately switch to another brand with similar products to yours. Most companies only want to market items that are in high demand to maximize their profits.

Build a trusted distribution network in China

Surround yourself with a trusted Chinese distribution network and sourcing system. In addition, look for ways to address issues when setting up in China to ensure long-term success in the Chinese market.

However, even though having a good distribution network is overlooked by most companies, choosing the right distribution intermediaries will ensure that you do not fail in your early marketing efforts in China.

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