Discovering the timelapse camera tikee 3 pro and its features

The development of technology is essentially about improving the performance of various gadgets that we use in our daily lives. The goal is to make our lives easier and to make us more efficient, more productive, more creative in our various activities. With this in mind, in this article we will focus on one of the latest wonders of professional timelapse photography: the timelapse camera tikee 3 pro. You will discover here what it is and its characteristics. Let's go !

The timelapse camera tikee 3 pro: what is it?

The tikee 3 pro timelapse camera is a tool that is particularly elaborate for timelapses. In case you don't know, timelapses are a particular kind of shooting that can be found on many cameras. Click on the following link if you want a more detailed description of the timelapse camera tikee 3 pro

The shooting mode we are talking about here consists of capturing photos at regular intervals of a fairly long duration. Compared to an ordinary video, the intervals are long. Thus, when you put the pictures together, you get a time-lapse video.

Now let's find out the features of this wonder of professional timelapse photography.

Features of the timelapse camera tikee 3 pro

As said above, by following the link, you will have a more detailed description of this device. However, you can enjoy, here, a brief description. Thus, the timelapse camera tikee 3 pro is characterized by :

- two wide angle lenses that will provide you with very high quality images;

- two photos arranged to produce excellent panoramic views;

- two image formats (JPEG and DNG);

- a very long battery life;

- a high level of connectivity offering you various options;

- the presence of a geolocation device;

- High resistance against the weather.